The RGeo-eye® is a robust, easy to deploy downhole camera at 1.08m (or 1.91m with sinker bar) x 43mm and only 5kg.

  • Borehole and casing integrity inspection
  • Surveillance of mines, shafts, caverns and voids
  • Assessment of deep concrete piles
  • Pre-logging borehole examination
  • Damage detection in subsurface structures
Operating Conditions:
  • Borehole Type: Air/water filled open hole or cased hole
  • Recommended Logging Speed: 2 – 5m/min
  • Depth rating: Depth rating: 3,000m on 4-core cable or 1,000m on coaxial cable*
  • Diameter: 43mm
  • Length: Length: 1.08m, or 1.91m with sinker bar
  • Weight: 5kgs
  • Communication rate: RGeo-fast® 1 Megabit/sec
  • Resolution: Up to 30 frames per sec SVGA (800x600) or (600 x 600) - User selectable
  • ‘Snapshot’ mode: high resolution still image at UXGA (1600 x 1200)
  • Standard temperature rating: 0-75°C
    (85°C version releases Q4 2021) - a 100°C version to follow in 2022
  • Max pressure: 5000 psi
  • Autofocus
  • Frontal LED internal array, with adjustable lighting intensity
    (Light output: 6 x 282lm @ 3,000K LEDs)
  • Additional lighting options for large diameter voids
  • CE Certified and manufactured within an ISO9001:2015 quality system
  • Recommended minimum computer specification:  i7 7700 processor with 16GB of memory running Intel HD Graphics 630 card running Windows 10 64-bit
Part Numbers:
  • I020263    RGeo-eye® Digital Downhole Camera (1,000m)
  • I020408    RGeo-eye® Digital Downhole Camera (2,000m)
  • I020409    RGeo-eye® Digital Downhole Camera (3,000m)
  • I020412    Custom Peli Case for RGeo-eye® Camera
  • I020264    RGeo-eye® Centraliser 76-110mm
  • I020265    RGeo-eye® Centraliser 90-180mm
  • I020266    RGeo-eye® Centraliser 180-260mm
  • I020267    RGeo-eye® Sinker Bar

* The depth rating on coaxial cable is dependent on the coaxial cable properties

RGeo-eye® is built under the ISO9001 certified manufacturing process. Testing is in-house at the Hydratron test facility providing real-world environmental test conditions for pressure and temperature. Together with rigorous quality control procedures, it is your assurance that the technology is reliable, proven and ready to go.