RGeo-eye® employs a downward facing window with a fish-eye lens fully corrected for lens distortion before data is compressed and sent uphole. An LED light source, with controllable brightness is integral to the probe.

This is an innovative development of downhole camera use and availability for the geophysical data acquisition markets. The RGeo-eye® camera, an in-house design and build system by Robertson Geo, is fully backed by a technical resource that only a proven original equipment manufacturer can provide.

It provides a deep subsurface range of 3,000m (10,000ft), operates on industry standard 4-core or coaxial wireline cable and offers pressure ratings to 5000 psi with a minimum 75ºC temperature rating.

Ready to go in its rugged Pelican carry case; the RGeo-eye® complete system: RGeo-eye® Camera, Sinker Bar, Surface Interface box & cables, pair of Centralisers with retaining collets and pair of C-Spanners.

The system incorporates RGeo-fast® delivering 1 Megabit/sec communication speed enabling the acquisition of high resolution video feed from downhole (to 3000m) in air or water filled open or cased boreholes while allowing real-time viewing for the surface operative.

The camera has auto focus, a frontal six LED internal array with adjustable lighting intensity, and a user selectable resolution of SVGA (800 x 600) or (600 x 600), at up to 30 frames/sec.

The acquisition software supplied with RGeo-eye® allows screen shots to be captured and text editing whilst viewing/recording. Where more detail is required, full colour ‘snapshot’ images can also be captured at 1600 x 1200

The standard RGeo-eye® camera is rated at 75°C, with an 85°C version available later in Q4. A 100°C version to follow in 2022.